That's What I'm On

by O-Dub

Released 2016
Omar Hill
Released 2016
Omar Hill
This is a powerful song describing the individuals who grew up in the streets culture.
Omar Hill was born on November 19, in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 13 his family moved to the North Bronx area of New York. It was around this age that Omar began listening to hip hop and writing his own verses. When Omar was 16 he began to tone his skills and started to record his songs with the neighborhood group “Block Fam”. It was at this time that he was named “O-Dub” because he was said to “overdose on the mic” with a fast speed recital.
In 2006 while still trying to perfect his talents he was introduced to Prestige Management Productions. A few months later a joint venture was formed with “4 Da Green” records.
For the next two years “O-Dub” recorded music that was later featured throughout New York on some of the top DJ’s mix tapes. “O-Dubs” first single “Bleed Green” caught the ear of DJ Whoo Kid. This opened the doors for more features on DJ Woogie, Chuck T and DJ Diggz mix tapes. “O-Dub” also hosted and was featured on the “Straight Off the Block” mix tape with Bronx Native Corey Guns.
By the end of 2008 “4 Da Green” folded leaving, “O-Dub” without a label but still striving for the top. Never one to be stopped by road blocks “O-Dub” continued his music career with Prestige Music Productions where he went on to drop three independent EP’s, two official mix tapes, and one full length LP titled “Structure” which is on iTunes.
“O-Dub” continues to tone his talents and stage presence by performing in showcases sponsored by various outlets such as Hot 97 and Make Music New York to name a few. “O-Dub” has also had several interviews with “Real Talk After Dark” internet radio and won artist of the year on the show in 2009. He has had cameo appearances in the short film “40 and Broke” the video “Phony” by Heavy Pressure.
Later in 2012 "O-Dub" was introduced to Royalty Entertainment. With Royalty Entertainment "O-Dub" was formed in a group with "Nasty Nick" "Purple Passion" and "King Kris" called "The Born Sinnerz" they later recorded the hit single off of The Born Sinnerz Molly Experience album called Million Dollar Swag. While with The Born Sinnerz O-Dub has toured to Baltimore M.D, Erie P.A, Detroit M.I Tampa and Miami F.L. The Born Sinnerz also have a hit video for their hit single "Million Dollar Swag". Omar “O-Dub” Hill credits his mother, father, siblings as his personal influences. His hip-hop influences he credits to Tupac, 50 Cent and fellow Detroit Native Eminem.